Do I Need To Buy A Powdered Greens Supplement?

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Do I Need To Buy A Powdered Greens Supplement?

Open up Instagram, TikTok or any social media platform and you’ll see slick adverts for powdered greens products, supported by well-known influencers and podcast hosts. These products promise miracle health benefits and have been around for a while now, but the recent heavy investment in marketing has brought them into the limelight.

What’s the truth behind the hype and should you spend your money on a greens powder?

Do they work?

Claims range from glowing skin and a flat stomach to blood pressure reduction, anti-cancer properties and all-round longevity boosting. While they may be permitted in the US, under UK and EU law, most of these claims aren’t legal.

Some manufacturers have invested in research but most of the studies are very short term and use only a handful of participants. They simply don’t have robust enough data to back up the very persuasive claims.

When compared to natural greens, powdered greens will have:

  1. Lower amount of fiber - so it won’t keep you satiated
  2. Lower nutritional quality - processing greens will lower the concentration of nutrients and highlight the need to add stabilizers, flavorings, emulsifiers etc.
  3. Higher price per portion
  4. Increased risk of excessive intake of micronutrients (yes, you can get too much of a good thing)

So are they a waste of money?


One of the biggest drawbacks to greens powders is the high cost of powders ranging from ~£30-100 per pouch – not to mention the fairly unregulated market they’re inserted in. Some powders may even contain dangerous levels of contaminants like heavy metals. If you are buying a greens powder, make sure you go for an established and reputable brand that invests in third-party testing to ensure quality and safety.

I don’t like vegetables. What’s the alternative?

Much as hiding or masking the flavour of vegetables isn’t the best approach for long-term acceptance, you can try:

  • If hiding or masking the flavor of vegetables doesn’t work for you, you can try:
  • Blending green veg like spinach into a smoothie with frozen fruit
  • Adding green veg to sauces, soups and one pot dishes
  • Roasting or steam rainbow of veg with herbs and spices to sweeten otherwise bitter flavors
  • Add a handful of salad, grated carrot or watercress to sandwiches, wraps and pittas
  • Make overnight oats with grated carrot or even courgette. With plenty of cinnamon or fresh ginger, you won’t even know it’s there

Much as the claims and media buzz might position greens powders as a cure all, there really is no substitute for a diet rich in whole vegetables and fruits.

At Daily Body Coach, we make sure everything we do is suited to your individual needs to create a personalized plan to achieve maximum results and long-term health. Want to cut through all this noise and figure out what’s really the best for you? Book a quick free call with us and let us help you!

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