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4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Performance

Many of us enjoy a drink or two with friends or to unwind after a stressful day. But what if a glass of wine while cooking turns into two or more?

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In this article, uncover the importance of protein, how to calculate how much you need and where to get it.

Cheers to Balance: How to Enjoy Drinks While Dieting

We’ve created the ultimate guide to the best alcohol options when dieting, along with strategies to minimize the impact on your goals.

Gut Health & Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Our gut is composed of tiny organisms that play a crucial role in digestion, metabolism, immune system, and even our mental health. Learn how they benefit you and discover ways to keep them thriving!

Is Cardio The Only Solution To Burn Fat?

When trying to lose weight, long hours of cardio exercises often come up as the top recommendation. Is cardio the only way to burning fat and sustaining a healthy height?

What To Do When Your Diet Doesn't Go to Plan

Studies have shown that ~80% of us that start a diet will fail. We have the key to make sure you're in the top 20%. Ready?

How to Reduce Meat Consumption and Still Hit Your Protein Target

Most of us are consuming too much meat. Let us walk you through some facts before we jump right in with some tips and suggestions to reduce meat consumption and still hit your daily needs.

10 Healthy Snacks To Have On The Go

Here are 10 snacks approved by our Daily Body Coach certified nutritionists that are convenient, portable and nutrient-rich to make sure you’re always performing your best.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stick To A Diet

This article shares 5 reasons why you can't stick to a fad diet and what you can do instead.