5 Tips To Stick To Your Workout Plan

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5 Tips To Stick To Your Workout Plan

Getting started with a workout plan is one thing and sticking it consistently is another. Here’s 5 practical tips to help you stay on track with your workout plan. 

1. Start With Your Why

It all starts with understanding the reason behind your objective, so dig deep and understand what really drives your desire to make a change. 

Here are some examples from our clients: 

  1. “I want to feel energized when I wake up in the morning like I used to”
  2. “The level of stress I’m going through is off the charts. I want to get back control”
  3. “I’m going to have my third child and know that I won’t be sleeping as well. I want to be fitter to prepare for this”
  4. “I used to be an athlete and always in good shape. I don’t identify with the way I look today” 
  5. “I’m running a health-tech company and I’m starting to get more media appearances. I need to be in better shape to reflect my brand” 

Once you’ve understood the real reason behind your objective - it’s time to set your goals and crush them.

2. Schedule Time To Workout

Don’t wing it - block a time in your calendar to work out and treat it like a meeting that you must attend. And if you’re unsure of when would be the best time to workout, research has found that those that workout in the morning tend to be more consistent because life hasn’t had the chance to intervene - most social and work events tend to take place in the later hours of the day.

3. Take a Sustainable Approach - Start Small And Do What You Enjoy

Most of us take on fitness with an “all or nothing” approach - it leads to getting burned out quickly, poorer results long-term and reinforces the idea that if it’s not perfect, it’s not worth doing. 

It’s important to understand that it takes up to 7 months to build a habit to workout consistently, so start small and pick a workout plan that is realistic and that you enjoy.

4. Make Flexibility Part Of The Plan

The best fitness professionals understand that it’s being good consistently that delivers great results. A good workout plan has a Plan B - adapting to your available time and location - presenting you with a short on time option and an alternative to workout when you can’t workout in your usual place. 

5. Reward Your Efforts

Make sure to celebrate your goals as you go on your fitness journey, especially while you’re building a habit. This can be small or large, as long as it’s important to you.

We’ve seen clients set a beach vacation with their partner upon achieving a specific fitness goal, such as losing weight to show off their hard work. This keeps you on track and excited!

If you would like help in developing an optimal workout plan that you can stick to consistently alongside accountability from our certified professionals, let’s have a chat.

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