10 Healthy Snacks To Have On The Go

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10 Healthy Snacks To Have On The Go

Are you often on the move, with limited time and find it difficult to stay healthy when on the go? 

The right nutrition is critical to sustain your energy levels, enhance productivity, support your overall health and perform our best. 

Here are 10 snacks approved by our Daily Body Coach certified nutritionists that are convenient, portable and nutrient-rich to make sure you’re always performing your best.

  1. Nut Butter Packs with fresh fruit

Please be aware of the nut butter composition - opt for 100% nuts and avoid hydrogenated fat. As nut butters are high in calories, be careful with your serving size. 


  1. Peanut butter with banana
  2. Almond butter with berries
  3. Cashew butter with apple

2) Protein Bars

Focus on protein bars that are low in sugar and low in saturated fat


  1. Barebells protein bar
  2. Vegan Bettery Zero Bar
  3. FULFIL protein bar

3) Trail Mix Packs

They provide a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, which makes them great to sustain your energy levels - ideal for a long day. 


  1. Cashew, cranberries, pumpkin seeds.
  2. Peanuts, dates, sunflower seeds.
  3. Almonds, dry apricot, hemp seeds.

4) Protein Yogurts

Focus on the ones that are low in sugar and low in saturated fat.


  1. GetPro Protein Yogurt
  2. Fage 0% Fat Yogurt
  3. Ehrmann Protein Puddings

5) Boiled Eggs

While eggs are high in protein, they are also high in fats. If you're consuming several, it may be appropriate to remove the yolk.

6) Vegetables with hummus

It’s quite easy to eat a lot of hummus, so be conscious of portion sizes.


  1. Carrots with hummus
  2. Celery with hummus
  3. Courgette with hummus

7) Carbohydrate sources with low fat cheese

For carbohydrates, choose options that are lightly processed and rich in fiber to increase the feeling of fullness.


  1. German rye bread with low fat cheddar 
  2. Oat bread with low-fat fresh cheese
  3. Rice/corn cakes without salt, with cottage cheese

8) Seaweed Snacks

Just watch out with the large amount of salt on this one.

9) Homemade Milkshakes 

Pick ones with low fat milk or low sugar vegetable milk.


  1. Oats, low fat cow milk, fruit
  2. Weetabix, low fat cow milk, dates
  3. Oats, soya milk, honey

10) Powerballs

These are also known as energy balls or protein balls - they’re small bite-sized snacks that mix together ingredients in a compact ball. Easy to make in bulk and carry around with you.

  1. Almonds, lemon, dates, oat flour
  2. Peanuts, banana, coco, rice puffs
  3. Pistachio, apple, dark chocolate, spelt flour

If you'd like help working with a certified nutritionist to find out the best snacks for your objectives and how this should fit in with your meal plan, let us know!

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